A problem for the newbies

There are so many different people claiming to be experts in predicting cryptocurrency markets. How do you know which ones know their stuff? Depending on who you follow, your portfolio value will either get ‘rekt’ or will moon.

It’s simple. Follow our three-step guide to choosing your online crypto-mentor:

  1. Find someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear. Choosing a fanatical perma-bull as your guide is a sure way to lose money during bear markets. A good guide will foresee downturns ahead, even when all others disagree, and will warn their followers in advance.
  2. Don’t be influenced by people who are evangelists for one coin only, and who throw words like ‘FUD’ around rather than accept that there is such a thing as genuine bad news about their pet projects. New players in the market will quickly discover that as well as having its own vocabulary, there are many in the space who behave more like brainwashed members of a cult, rather than the grown-up approach you find in other non-crypto financial markets. Beware!
  3. Most important – what is their track record? Compare their historic claims with what actually came to pass afterwards. This is easier than it sounds, as for many commentators you can find old tweets and line up their wave pattern predictions with charts formed subsequently.
Technical Analysis

Our selections below do not constitute investment advice, but we hope you will benefit from the TA principles shared by these analysts on leading crypto coins and tokens.

Tony Ivanov

(daytrading rather than general trend analysis)

Crypto AMD
Financial Freedom
Fundamental Analysis

George Tung – CryptosRUs (Free content + ‘Insider’ Programme)

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