Are TRX Prices Dumping Because “Changpeng Zhao and Justin Sun are Scheming”?

Tron prices slide, drop 9.7 percent in last week Binance receives a 2-Star Ratings at Trust Pilot Transactional volumes low, averages at 12 million

BitTorrent, Tron, and Binance are in recent days synonymous. It is because of this that a user thinks Binance and Tron are colluding to defraud users. They are entitled to their opinion, but TRX prices are dropping, down 9.7 percent in the last week.

Tron Price Analysis Fundamentals

Hours after a successful BitTorrent (BTT) airdrop and TRX prices are sinking. Well, this was not in the script and against everything expected by traders. Although BitTorrent and the Tron Foundations will be distributing 10.1 percent of the 990 billion BTT tokens in six years through airdrops, BTT prices should be readjusting to the extra demand by shrinking while the need for valuable BTT tokens should automatically pump TRX prices.

It is logical, but that is unfortunately not the case. For the second straight day, TRX prices have been dropping and risk reversing gains of late and early this month. TRX inability to pump also coincides with new accusations that Binance and Tron are a letdown when important matters are in play. Case in point is the latest