Bchpls.io Platform and a Telegram Tip Bot Now Support SLP Tokens

Over the last few weeks, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fans have been creating and sharing a bunch of customized Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens. There’s now a Telegram tip bot, a Twitter tip bot, Badger wallet logo integration, and SLP token support on the payment platform Bchpls.io.

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Sharing Spice Tokens on Telegram and Twitter

At the end of February, news.Bitcoin.com reported on BCH token development kicking into high gear and the pace hasn’t stopped since. People have been creating unique tokens using the SLP software with names like dragon ball, steam cash, nazgûl, wonton, crown coin, and someone’s made tokens for about 20 of the most popular cryptocurrency networks as well. BCH proponents have also participated in a social experiment and ‘torch passing’ ceremony that used a single non-divisible token called the SLP Torch.

People sharing spice tokens in the Coinspice chat room using Telegram.

More recently, however, BCH developers have created a Telegram tipping bot that can tip SLP tokens to users within the hosted channel. The cryptocurrency news outlet Coinspice and its associated Telegram channel implemented the tipping bot so people can tip one another in spice