Bitcoin Bottom Doesn’t Matter, Last Time General Population Can Afford Entire BTC

Bitcoin (BTC) has been pitched as peer-to-peer electronic cash, a store of value, a disruptor of traditional financial instruments, and a way to free the world from the shackles of the government’s control over current fiat monetary system.

Given its potential to change the world as we know it, much like the Internet did over the last two decades, does finding Bitcoin’s bottom really matter? According to some crypto analysts, the bottom doesn’t matter at all, and the current low prices could present the last opportunity for the general population to purchase an entire BTC.

Crypto Analyst: Catching Bitcoin Bottom Doesn’t Matter

Crypto investors everywhere are paying extra close attention to charts, market sentiment, and more, hoping to perfectly catch the “bottom” of the current bear market. However, given Bitcoin’s considerable potential and how rapidly the price does rise during a bull run, timing the bottom really doesn’t matter, and could cause investors to miss out on current prices.

Popular crypto analyst CryptoMento puts little weight into timing the bottom and offered up some price figures that put his comments into perspective.

LET’S JUST SAY$BTC Bottom = $2,000$BTC by 2025 = $100,000#BTC Current Price = $3,600