Bitcoin Cash Scaling Benchmarks, Brewdog, and Rising Transaction Volume

Over the last week, there’s been lots of going on within the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) environment with companies implementing BCH support, new applications, and various announcements. While Bitcoin Cash supporters keep bolstering adoption, development and community projects have continued to flourish.

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The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem has seen a lot of action throughout the first two quarters of 2019. This week is not much different as there’s been an abundance of developments within the space. BCH markets are holding steady today and much like the rest of the cryptoconomy there’s been some consolidation. At the time of writing, bitcoin cash commands the fifth largest market valuation and each coin has been hovering between $405-420. BCH is the sixth most traded coin on Saturday, July 6. The decentralized digital asset has around $1.4 billion worth of global trade volume and a market cap of around $7.2 billion.

The First Exchange-Traded Product Tracking the Performance of Bitcoin Cash

This week the fintech firm Amun AG announced that it had listed the first Bitcoin Cash exchange-traded product (ETP) on the Switzerland-based principal stock exchange Six. According to the announcement, Amun’s BCH ETP