Brazillian Bitcoin Exchange Sends User $35M in Bug-Induced Error

Accidental millionaire Kaique Nunes has a bug to thank after his withdrawal request of 500 reals ($128) erroneously returned a cool 137 million reals ($35.13 million) from Brazilian bitcoin exchange Bitcambio. Nunes was not too eager to part with his overnight millions when Bitcambio started contacting to effect a reversal of the transaction, suspecting an elaborate scam.

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Fortune Bugs a Man’s Account

The Brazilian walked into his fortune last month when he drafted an order for $128, and the facility responsible for the automatic computation of transactions landed him the nine-figure bug-induced surprise. The company has already cancelled the transaction but, given its unwieldy size, local authorities insisted on getting the customer’s written agreement first.

“Earlier last month, I issued some normal draft orders. After a while, Bitcambio called to let me know that they had issued all this value and that they needed me to recognize a document in a notary’s office. I thought it was a coup,” Nunes told local publication Portal do Bitcoin.

For him, the call could have been anything, from a scammer worming his way into a signature, to an employee at the digital asset exchange