Chainalysis Whistleblower Shares Company Secrets in Explosive AMA

A current or former Chainalysis employee has gone rogue and conducted an AMA on r/Bitcoin in which he disclosed sensitive information about the company’s blockchain forensics capabilities. The whistleblower then appears to have had a change of heart and deleted all their comments. Thankfully, the internet never forgets. The comments remain archived on and they provide a fascinating insight into one of the most hated companies in crypto.

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Chainalysis Has Its Dirty Secrets Aired in Public

As a company that works hand in glove with law enforcement, governments, defense contractors and other three-letter agencies, Chainalysis is secretive about the sauce that makes up its proprietary tech. The company was dismayed, therefore, to discover that an anonymous employee was conducting an ask me anything (AMA) on Reddit on June 24 without their permission. Users of r/Bitcoin proceeded to ask a series of probing questions about Chainalysis’ forensic capabilities, which the anon was only too happy to answer.

Twelve hours later, perhaps after sobering up, or after management tracked down the rogue employee and placed pressure on them, the comments were deleted, but an archived version remains. When