Chart Grids

Why do you need Crypto Multi-Chart Grids?

cointrellis Chart Grids were one of our original reasons for building this website. Crypto-traders need to have as much detail on the short-term price action of altcoin trading pairs as they can get, and day traders want to see all the coins at the same time in one screen view. After struggling to find any crypto internet service which provides multi-chart views on the same webpage, we built cointrellis Chart Grids – crypto multi-chart grids by traders for traders.

Unlike other chart services, cointrellis provides unparalleled manipulation of display settings, chart sizes, auto-wrap, spacing, single-switch multi-chart adjustment, and much, much more.

All of this together helps you to maximise trading profits by jumping from one cryptocurrency to another as your chart analysis highlights the opportunities, all without you having to click in and out of hundreds of individual coin screens.

We know of nowhere else where you can have multiple mini-charts of timeframes smaller than 24-hours, with overlays and indicators of dozens of coins/tokens all on the same screen at the same time.

Which currency pairs?

Except where indicated, we have selected the trading pairs available on Coinbase and Binance* (the world’s #1 altcoin exchange) for our chart grid pages. Apart from our Big Caps (high market cap) page, all other trading pairs are in alphabetical order (of ticker symbol). We’ve split the alts up by alphabet sections to avoid overloading your CPU and internet bandwidth. They may still take a minute to load, but will then auto-update in real time without the need for browser refresh/reload.

For even more flexibility and choice, our paying subscribers can access My Custom Chart Grid which empowers you to choose your own selection of up to 25 currency pairs from the entire cointrellis list and display them side by side on one screen at the same time. (The cointrellis list is composed of the entire* Binance trading pair set plus Coinbase and many other leading non-Binance alts from the Top 100 cryptocurrencies on

Extract screenshot from My Custom Chart Grid feature
Extract screenshot from My Custom Chart Grid feature

How does it work?

Please note that the rest of the alphabet covered by the premium subscriptions works exactly the same as on our Big Caps (fiat pairs) page. All control switches update all charts simultaneously.

Any changes made will save automatically for all grid pages until you next clear your web browser’s cache/cookies. Saved preferences are specific to each computer/device and each browser app. For example, you would need to set your preferences again if you switch from Chrome to Internet Explorer or from this computer to another one.

Note that if you use your mouse’s/trackpad’s scroll function while your pointer is hovering over a chart, it will zoom in/out of that particular graph’s horizontal (time) axis.

Get started!

Start now by selecting Big Cap Fiat Pairs from the website Chart Grids menu above or by activating your one-off FREE 7-day trial (gives you access to BTC and ETH Binance Alts A – C, and BNB Binance Alts A – I).

Then, once you’re satisfied that cointrellis meets your needs, sign up for one of our annual or monthly, single- or multi-user payment plans, and you’ll gain immediate access to the whole library of grids, including your custom grid page, which enables you to quickly build a side-by-side screenview of your favourite trading pairs, just like our example below.

Crypto Multi-Chart Grids example screen extract
Extract screenshot from My Custom Chart Grid feature

Finally, use the Maximise Charts button to make the most of your screen space. All other web menus and control sliders will disappear untill you press the Escape [Esc] key on your keyboard.

*Binance adds (and sometimes removes) new coins/tokens most weeks. cointrellis undertakes on, a best-endeavours basis, to provide ongoing updates within a few days of Binance and (on whose platform cointrellis runs) changing their offerings.