Crypto Community Reacts to New Coinbase Listings: Reception Generally Negative

After Coinbase announced that it would review some 30-plus crypto assets for listing, the crypto community launched a word-war against it.

The conservative US exchange, which operates under the strict watch of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), revealed the names of these tokens in a recent announcement on Friday. While the new assets include prominent names like XRP and Stellar Lumens, yet some of them – it must be said – are relatively unreliable. The community accused Coinbase of acting out of desperation, stating that the exchange is ready to lose its self-esteem as its market share dwindles.

Larry Cermak, head analyst at the Block, sent out a series of tweets, with each one of them signifying how Coinbase is looking at a potential business disaster “unless there is a bull market.” In one of these tweets, Cermak said that low volumes on the US trading platform had invoked them to list even underperforming projects (otherwise known as “shitcoins” among the crypto population).

I hope Coinbase realizes that several months after raising a $100M ICO, the Kik founder called blockchain ”unconvincing”. Yet their coin is still on the shortlist…

Bonus points for anyone who can count how many