Crypto Secularizes Wealth by Returning Power to the People

Secularization is the process of converting something from a religious status to a nonreligious one. In its usage here, the word “religious” has no necessary connection to a deity. The word refers to the mystification of a thing in order to elevate it to the status of the divine where it becomes unquestionable.

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Mystifying Money

The state is mystification on overdrive. Past governments have sanctified themselves through “the divine right of kings,” by which monarchs claimed to be chosen by God to rule. Rebellion against the king, therefore, was rebellion against God himself. Contemporary states use more modern concepts like “democracy” or “the motherland” to justify their status. These concepts arouse feelings of awe and reverence, which further sanctifies the state and discourages dissent.

The state’s goal is to usurp power and wealth from society—the productive sector.

Taxation is the most visible way it does so, but the state’s ability to issue fiat that becomes mandatory currency is equally or more important. To do so successfully, however, the state needs society to accept and use the paper money. Some people will comply out of fear of being punished, but it is