Crypto Trader: Bitcoin Closes In On Life-Changing Golden Cross

The cryptocurrency market is currently undecided on if Bitcoin is about to embark on its next bull run, or if it’ll fall back further into a bearish trend in the short-term.

The neutral market could finally have its decision, if a “life-changing” golden cross occurs in Bitcoin price charts, according to one crypto trader and analyst.

Golden Cross Forming on Weekly Bitcoin Charts

During the second quarter of 2019, the market was convinced that Bitcoin had begun its next bull run, and would soon reach price projections of $100,000 per BTC and higher in the coming years as the bull market comes to a peak.

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But a fall from a triangle at the top of the early 2019 rally caused market sentiment to turn bearish, with many fearing that Bitcoin’s bear market isn’t actually over.

However, an important golden cross is close to happening on Bitcoin weekly price charts, and if it occurs, it could “change your life,” according to one crypto trader and analyst.

the cross that will change your life

— Crypto₿irb (@crypto_birb) November 5, 2019