Cryptocurrency Over-The-Counter (OTC) Markets And Their Effect On The Price Of Crypto

If you are new to the term “over-the-counter”, you are not the only one out there. For many, this phrase usually creates images of easy access to medication. However, in the crypto space, over-the-counter or OTC markets are the ones that offer easy access to transactions of cryptocurrencies.

At SpaceTech Profits, we stand as an official intermediary that provides OTC services for various cryptocurrencies, ensuring smooth transactions for each one of our clients. Below, we are highlighting the value of the OTC markets and showing how they affect the price of cryptocurrencies.

An Overview Of The Daily Crypto OTC Market

Every day, there are billions of crypto assets being traded in the crypto markets between various investors. Obviously, big money is involved in a decent part of this transactions, which brought the need for over-the-counter markets as ones where investors with deep pockets (high net-worth individuals, crypto funds, early adopters etc.) buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The large trades on this market are what directly moves the prices in the liquid state of the market – which is again why large investors prefer to trade away from the eyes of exchanges. On average, the ticket (transaction) sizes of