Cryptosteel Capsule Will Keep Your Wallet Seed Safe and Out of Sight

A hollow steel cylinder despatched with 800 lettered tiles, the Cryptosteel Capsule is what it sounds like and nothing more. Assemble the letters to form your wallet’s seed phrase, thread them onto the metal dipstick and screw the capsule shut, safely entombing the key to your crown jewels inside an unassuming piece of hardware. Stash it in a toolbox alongside some masonry and no one would be the wiser.

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The Re-Gadgetification of Things

80s kids mourning the loss of the gadget-based society they were raised in are naturally drawn to crypto cold storage. For every device (portable radio; spirit level; tape measure) that was subsumed into the iPhone, there’s another that hardware wallet (HW) manufacturers have seen fit to develop and isolate from the smartphone in the name of opsec.

There is a logic in wanting to keep your hot assets – i.e anything connected to the web – separate from your cold – typically those you cherish the most and have no intention of liquidating in a hurry. That said, it’s sometimes hard to tell how much of these aftermarket HW accessories are actually helping, and how