DCG Chief Claims He’s More Bullish on Bitcoin Than Ever, But Wary Of Crypto Assets

It goes without saying that the crypto market is rife with wishy-washy investors. Some days, one might be overly bullish, quipping that Bitcoin (BTC) could skyrocket to the so-called “moon.” Other days, he or she might remark that the end is nigh for the flagship cryptocurrency. While vapid industry participants are a dime a dozen, what’s hard to find are cryptocurrency zealots that would put their reputation on the line for this sector.

Barry Silbert, a former Wall Street investor turned the fervent leader of the industry’s largest conglomerate, did just that on Wednesday, explaining that in his eyes, Bitcoin is the best place that it has ever been in.

He joins the Winklevoss Twins, Tim Draper, Mike Novogratz, among other long-term believers that have only doubled-down on their cryptocurrency dreams amid the fittingly-named “nuclear winter.” It seems that they have yet to get gashed by the blood-thirsty bears.

Bitcoin Still Has The King’s Crown

In a phone interview with CNBC, Barry Silbert, the chief executive of Digital Currency Group, claimed that he’s personally more bullish on Bitcoin than ever before. The long-standing industry professional, who dropped his stint at SecondMarket to dive into the cryptosphere, explained that while BTC is “really