Despite Plummeting Towards $7,000, Bitcoin’s Rally May Not Be Finished Just Yet

The crypto markets incurred a significant amount of selling pressure late-yesterday that sent them reeling downwards, surrendering a decent portion of the recent gains they have incurred as a result of the massive rally that has been taking place since early-April.

Despite the recent drop, some analysts believe that Bitcoin’s rally may not be done just yet, as a bout of coordinated selling may have sparked this temporary downwards movement.

Bitcoin (BTC) Plummets Towards $7,000

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading down 11% at its current price of $7,100, down significantly from its 24-hour highs of over $8,000.

Over a one-week period, Bitcoin is still up significantly from its lows of $6,300 but is down slightly from its highs of nearly $8,400 which were set this past Wednesday.

Although this latest move downwards has drastically shifted the market’s sentiment for the worst, it is important for investors to keep in mind the fact that the latest pullback comes on the heels of a massive rally that put a significant amount of distance between Bitcoin’s current price and its 2018 lows of roughly $3,200.

As for what may have caused this latest pullback, Dovey Wan, a popular figure on