deVere CEO: ETF, Lightning, and Halving Drive Recent Bitcoin Rally

After taking a brutal beating throughout much of 2019 thus far, Bitcoin made its largest green one-day candle of the year this past week, providing the market with a much needed relief rally.  Bitcoin’s price rose on Friday over $350 before bouncing off overhead resistance in the cryptocurrency’s current trading range.

CEO of independent financial consultancy firm deVere Group Nigel Green says that the move might be the start of a “considerable Bitcoin surge” stemming from one of three main factors behind this recent rally, but that it is still too soon for investors to begin celebrating.

deVere CEO: History Shows Halving Causes “Considerable Bitcoin Surge”

Following the break of support at $6,000, the crypto market has been deeply entrenched in despair as Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies struggle to find their price bottom. Investors have been burned, and the strain on the industry has caused many companies to begin laying off employees as interest and capital flees the market.

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However, Bitcoin’s price woes may be coming to an end, and if history repeats itself, it could lead to a “considerable Bitcoin surge,” according to deVere Group CEO