First Look at the Keyxentic Smart Token

The Keyxentic Smart Token crypto wallet hardware has arrived and is set to change the way crypto is stored and also promises to change the way cryptocurrency transactions are made. In addition to functioning as a cryptocurrency wallet, the Keyxentic Token can also encrypt all of your data with your fingerprint!

What is the Keyxentic Smart Token?

Highly lauded as the first of its kind, the Keyxentic Smart Token uses newly developed proprietary technologies to secure all of your data and cryptocurrency holdings with biometric encryption.

With this new technology, your fingerprint authenticates your identity unlocking powerful encryption software to secure all of your data including your cryptocurrency investments.

The Keyxentic Token uses a combination of core encryption components to protect passwords, emails, files, digital data, and cryptocurrency transactions with bio-secure access management identification and authentication.

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Let’s Take a Look at the Keyxentic Smart Token


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