Global Bitcoin Acceptance Up More than 702% Since 2013

According to cryptocurrency acceptance monitoring resource CoinMap, the number of venues across the globe accepting Bitcoin (BTC) is up over 702% since December 2013. Areas with the most dramatic surge in businesses offering to exchange their goods and services for the number one digital asset by market capitalisation are those which were already showing stronger hints of Bitcoin usage over five years ago.

Perhaps the most notable part of the world seeing a dramatic rise in venues accepting Bitcoin is the northern part of South America. Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador are leading the continent in this regard.

Global Acceptance of Bitcoin is Spreading Fast

The CEO of digital asset management firm CoinShares highlighted the dramatic surge in the number of venues accepting BTC as a method of payment earlier today. Ryan Radloff Tweeted:

1/ 2013 vs. 2018 venues accepting #Bitcoin

— Ryan Radloff (@RyanRadloff) February 12, 2019

In the above graphic, Radloff uses data provided by CoinMap to highlight the rising number of venues accepting Bitcoin over a five year period – December 31, 2013 to December 31, 2018. It shows the total of Bitcoin-friendly businesses world wide in 2013 versus the figure at the close of 2018.