Market Update: Crypto Prices Hold Steady After Massive Bullish Spike

Digital currency markets are coasting along after an enormous move on Friday of more than 20-40%. The entire cryptoconomy is hovering around $249 billion as it gained a whopping $30 billion very quickly this week. Crypto prices corrected a touch since the spike, but are still well above the lows seen just a few days ago.

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Digital Currency Market Prices Hold New Foundations

Over the last three days, digital currency prices have seen the biggest price jumps in over a month and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are far more optimistic toward the future. For instance, on Friday, October 25 the price of BTC increased from a low of $7,300 to a high of $10,295 during the afternoon trading sessions. Bitcoin cash (BCH) saw prices lift from $215 to a high of $277 per coin. Since then, prices retraced a hair southbound losing some value, but crypto prices are much higher than they were during last week’s bearish cycle. At the time of writing, the price per BTC is roughly $9,527 per coin and the digital asset is up 18% for the week. Behind BTC is ETH which has gained 5.4%