Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Continue to Accelerate

Digital asset markets have been on a tear lately, gaining $68 billion in five days. Currently, there’s over $100 billion in global trade volumes and crypto bulls don’t seem to be letting up any time soon.

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The Cryptoconomy Captures $368 Billion

Cryptocurrency markets have seen incredible gains over the last few weeks and between a few small corrections, prices continue to rise. The price of bitcoin core (BTC) has reached a 17-month high and has gathered a market valuation of around $228 billion. BTC has about $32.9 billion worth of global trade volume and at $12,828 per coin, the cryptocurrency is up 40% for the week.

Many other coins have been seeing significant gains as well and ethereum (ETH) prices have jumped 28% in the last 7 days. One ETH is trading for $345 per coin and the currency’s market valuation is around $36 billion on Wednesday, June 26. Following behind ETH is ripple, which has seen very small gains compared to many other coins. XRP is swapping for $0.48 per coin and the market is up 13% for the week. The fifth largest market valuation belongs to