PR: Tokengen Makes Creating and Automating ICOs Free

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Sofia, Bulgaria, June 28th, 2019: Niquid Tech today announced the release of a new version of TokenGen, the company’s proprietary ICO automation tool. The new update features a re-structure of the pricing model, more specifically, a free basic plan. Previously, the company added a KYC solution by integrating TokenGen to work with the Civic decentralized identity ecosystem, available to projects using the Whitelistable Fundraiser feature.

The main goal of the past few updates is to expose the lucrative ICO fundraising model to more individuals and companies as well as meeting the know-your-customer demands of modern token generation events. Additionally, TokenGen has also [partnered up with Bounty0x, as a way of providing a bounty program solution to its users.

“The Fabric Token project is working to remove barriers to blockchain development and for most people interested in the industry at the moment, a lack of user-friendly interfaces is the biggest hurdle,” said Doncho Karaivanov, Co-Founder of Niquid Tech and the [Fabric Token,] platform,