Ripple Price Falls and Drops Below Ethereum, Why XRP is Demonstrating Weakness?

Ripple prices bullish xRapid adoption should be a top priority Transaction volumes picking up after Feb 8 gains

Shoring our optimism is the expectation of xRapid adoption. Binance is open for a partnership while Ramessa Online is waiting for further clarification before incorporating XRP. In the meantime, XRP is on an upward trajectory, and we expect bulls to drive prices above 34 cents triggering the first wave of sellers aiming at 40 cents

Ripple Price Analysis Fundamentals

Executives at Ripple continue to broadcast their objectives of continually building a superior platform where financial institutions can use to send and receive funds efficiently.

With xCurrent gaining traction, all eyes are on xRapid, a product that makes use of XRP. While adoption of xRapid is what XRP investors need should they want to see immediate demand and consequent lift off, there are regulatory challenges that put a lid on their ambitions.

All the same, the expansion and contraction of this asset mainly depend on how regulators interpret XRP and later the speed at which they will onboard customers. It is the first conditions that must be defined before we see payment processors as Ramessa Online incorporate XRP and enjoy unparallel speed and