Rowan Coin – A New Ambitious Token Comes to the Scene

A new ambitious token comes to the scene that aims to reward people for living a more sustainable life.

Every now and again a new Token comes to market that really catches our eye.

There are various trends circling the globe currently, but the two which are gathering more and more momentum is climate change and Blockchain.

But people are starting to become a bit desensitized with Buzz words such as Sustainability, Climate Change and renewables.

How can we encourage people to live a more sustainable life?

The Rowan Project is a group of developers and fin tech professionals that aim to change this with RowanCoin.   Rowan coin is a minable ERC20 token based on the popular Ethereum blockchain.  The token is unique in the sense that it’s mining rewards are evenly distributed amongst its pool members, thus taking the competitive edge out of this resulting in the ability to mine the token with low powered miners.

Rowan Coin has developed a small low powered miner that is literally plug&play. You plug it in at home and it will mine the token for you. These miners will be distributed to people who either generate their own electricity via solar or wind