Satoshi’s Final Messages Leave Tantalizing Clues to His Disappearance

Maybe the smartest thing Satoshi did after creating Bitcoin was to disappear. The question isn’t ‘why did Satoshi disappear?’ but rather ‘why then?’ Was Satoshi’s departure in early 2011 scheduled long in advance, or did unforeseen events compel Nakamoto to pack his bags and flee the community he had founded, never to return? Several credible theories abound.

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Theory 1: It Was Planned All Along

Satoshi Nakamoto was a methodical and meticulous man. That much we can ascertain from his writings. He doesn’t seem the sort to wake up one morning and YOLO his way out of the community he created. Knowing there would be no coming back once he’d made the decision to leave, Satoshi may have had his departure scheduled months or even years in advance, and worked diligently to that deadline. If so, it would explain why his last forum post was a typically business-like despatch, leaving parting instructions on what had been remedied in build 0.3.19 of Bitcoin Core.

Theory 2: It Was Wikileaks

Satoshi tended to keep his emotions in check when posting on the Bitcointalk forum. He