Sean Walsh: Cryptocurrencies Can Harness More Human Energy

Bitcoin scores high in terms of ‘moneyness’ compared to other forms of money as it has some technical advantages and social inertia. In an interview with’s Humans of Bitcoin podcast, brilliant contrarian thinker Sean Walsh shared his opinion about cryptocurrencies and their place within the global financial system. The crypto investor believes decentralized digital money can utilize a greater percentage of human energy and help return our civilization to a more sustainable equilibrium.

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Bitcoin Is Money, but What Is Money?

What backs Bitcoin, why is Bitcoin valuable, what is Bitcoin anyway – these are valid questions that mainstream market participants, Joe Sixpack on main street USA or China, are asking, early adopter Sean Walsh noted speaking to host Matt Aaron. “What I’ve learned is that people do understand Bitcoin. The confusing concept is money. Bitcoin is just a new kind of money you can use on the internet and on your phone. The question that matters is what is money,” Walsh emphasized.

Bitcoin is money because it serves its primary functions – unit of account, means of exchange, and store of value,