Self-Proclaimed ‘Satoshi’ Responds to Billion-Dollar Bitcoin Lawsuit

The man who claims to have invented Bitcoin, Craig Wright, is being sued in Florida for roughly $10 billion or 1.1 million BTC. Last December Florida district Judge Beth Bloom denied Wright’s motion to dismiss the billion-dollar lawsuit against him. Now Wright has responded to the complaints and most of his responses assert that he lacks knowledge or information sufficient to answer the allegations.

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Wright Denies Complaints and Lacks Sufficient Knowledge to Respond

Ira Kleiman, the brother of David Kleiman, who some believe may have been Satoshi Nakamoto, is suing Craig Wright because he believes his brother was manipulated and defrauded. In late 2018, Wright’s motion to dismiss the billion-dollar lawsuit against him was denied on most counts. Judge Beth Bloom from Florida granted Wright’s motion to dismiss complaints III and IV. But the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin was forced to answer complaints I, II, and V-IX. Moreover, Judge Bloom explained that the lawsuit involves Florida residents, companies, and assets and the court has a strong interest in adjudicating a case that involves fraud. Following the denied dismissal, Wright had to respond and on Jan. 28, 2019