Swap and Track BCH on the New Shapeshift Suite for Noncustodial Crypto Management

Shapeshift, the company that allows traders worldwide to exchange hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs launched its new crypto platform that now offers an integrated suite of digital asset management in a noncustodial fashion. The firm believes the latest release offers a true end-to-end solution that aims to bolster free market finance.

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Shapeshift Launches New Trading Engine and Self-Custody Solution

Launched in 2014, the Shapeshift platform has provided cryptocurrency users with the ability to quickly swap a variety of digital assets in a secure environment. Not long after the company started, Shapeshift began to offer hundreds of trading pairs. This week the firm has launched its new platform which can be found at the domain Shapeshift.com. After leaving private beta testing period on Monday, the web-based crypto platform has a whole new look with a dashboard that shows current assets and a tab that accesses the vast amount of trading pairs. Moreover, the biggest advancement for the new Shapeshift is the end-to-end solution for storing, sending, receiving, trading and tracking the company’s wide variety of digital coins.

The newly launched Shapeshift platform can be found at the domain