The Politicization of Money: Crypto as a Safeguard Against Economic Propaganda 

Money has come a long way since its origins. From cowry shells to crypto, transferable, divisible, and economically sound means of exchange have been adopted by market actors everywhere. Modern history has brought us to a dangerous place, however, a cultural climate where politics and bad economics have co-opted monetary utility in the name of control and coercive influence. Blockchain and crypto provide everyone the opportunity to experience clean, sound, peaceful money. Many, especially younger generations, are now waking up to this reality.

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The Empty Promise of Free Money

A few days ago, 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang released a telling tweet.

Of course, paying $1,000 to someone is never “free,” but beyond his misinformed promise, what seems most striking about this is the phrase “money is the answer.” As if money itself, divorced from economic application, can solve anything. U.S. President Donald Trump has recently claimed in similar fashion on live TV that “you never have to default because you print the money…” This is akin to claiming one never has to starve because food will magically appear on the table.

What Money Is

Money as a