Tip Twitch Livestreamers With BCH Using the New Tipbitcoin.cash App

Last week the pseudonymous developer who created the Crescent Cash wallet, Pokkst, announced the launch of a new tipping service called Tipbitcoin.cash. The tool gives anyone the ability to tip their favorite streamer on Twitch using bitcoin cash.

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Meet the Bitcoin Cash Tipping App for Twitch — Tipbitcoin.cash

Twitch, the live streaming video platform operated by Twitch Interactive, is an extremely popular website that has 2.2 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily active users. Recently Pokkst, the creator of Crescent Cash and Bchgallery, introduced a new app called Tipbitcoin.cash. The platform is a bitcoin cash (BCH) tipping service for livestreamers and it allows anyone to easily tether it to their Twitch account. On June 24 Pokkst announced: “Hey everyone, I’m excited to announce Tipbitcoin.cash is now available — Tipbitcoin.cash is a non-custodial bitcoin cash tipping service for livestreamers.” Pokkst also revealed that the tipping service does not take any fee and the only fees you will encounter are BCH network fees.

The Tipbitcoin.cash website gives users step by step instructions on how to tether the app and Streamlabs OBS to a Twitch account.