Top Bitcoin Wallets of 2019 and How Does Each work

I – What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

A bitcoin wallet is another advanced software program where a person can receive, send, and store the bitcoins. Accordingly, in the world of digital currency, bitcoin wallets serve as an equivalent to a bank account where certain transactions are made.

Apart from receiving, sending, and storing digital coins, this wallet is also another interface where you can connect to other bitcoin owners around the world. Having known that cryptocurrency is the newest trend, it is good to know that bitcoin wallets now have secret codes which enhance the security of any transaction made by the owner.

In other words, bitcoin wallet is simply an application, and or another platform, which stores your private codes for you, that gives you access to your stored digital coins.

Setting up a bitcoin wallet is simply easy and hassle-free. It would take you some few seconds in setting up your email address or mobile number, together with your password. After setting it up successfully, you will send and receive any transactions without any hassle at all.

II – Types of Bitcoin Wallets and Its Functions

When thinking of owning your own bitcoin wallet, you have to