US City Plans SLP Token and Canadian Platform Adds BCH in the Weekly Video

An American city is planning to launch its own SLP token and a Canadian trading platform adds support for BCH pairs. Watch these and other developments discussed in this week’s video update on’s Youtube channel.

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American City Plans to Create Local SLP Token

Dublin, Ohio, an American city of over 40,000 residents, is reportedly planning to create a local token using the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) which is powered by the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. Joshua Green, the creator of the full node client Bitcoin Verde, explained that the token’s goal is to provide three functions for the residents of the city: digital identity, electronic polling system, and a token of value.

“We investigated other blockchain and token implementations,” Green said. “But ultimately decided Bitcoin Cash’s scaling solution to be superior than other alternatives, and viewed the thriving developer community to be an important pillar to the platform’s longevity.”

The Bitcoin Cash network currently has the second largest transaction volume of all cryptocurrencies, exceeding $2 billion per day. Additionally, a 3,000-transactions-per-second stress test was successfully conducted by BCH developer Jonathan Toomim. To get yourself a free wallet