US Global Investors CEO: Bitcoin is Great But Millennials Need to Learn About Gold

The CEO of asset management firm US Global Investors has given his opinions on the Bitcoin and wider crypto market, and how it relates to that of gold. Frank Holmes is of the belief that digital currencies are fast becoming an “alternative asset class”, just like the shiny, precious metal.

However, Holmes has apparently not fully sided with either when it comes to store-of-value assets. Unlike many in the pro-crypto camp, he remains a staunch proponent of the shiny, yellow metal.

Frank Holmes: Bitcoin has Bottomed and is Ready to Continue Climbing Again

CEO of HIVE Blockchain Technologies and US Global Investors, Frank Holmes, took a break from attending Consensus this week to appear on Kitco News. There, he opined on both the crypto and gold markets.

For Holmes, the signal that the ultimate bottom occurred in Bitcoin at $3,200 was JP Morgan introducing its own currency, styled loosely on crypto, in February:

“They trash talked Bitcoin all the way down until February of this year when they released their coin. All of a sudden we had a bottom in Bitcoin.”

Looking towards the space’s future, the entrepreneur says that the increase in new wallets continuing over the course of