Venezuelan Nonprofit Eatbch Celebrates First Anniversary Amidst Hyperinflation

On Sunday, Feb. 10, the creators of the charitable organization Eatbch, a nonprofit food drive powered by bitcoin cash, celebrated its one-year anniversary. Eatbch has come along way since its inception feeding Venezuelans thousands of meals alongside branching out to other less fortunate regions like South Sudan.

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Eatbch Celebrates One Year of Helping People in Need

This week the nonprofit Eatbch is celebrating its one-year anniversary after two individuals started the charity with just a $5 donation. With this small fraction of bitcoin cash, the organization managed to give 40 arepas (a type of food made of ground maize dough or cooked flour) in just one location and the group realized the potential of this type of charity.

“After a few months, we were giving thousands of meals each week in 23 locations in 6 states of the country,” explained José the cofounder of Eatbch Venezuela. Even though the funds have helped Venezuelans a great deal, José detailed that the economic situation in the country has not improved.

“A few days ago, the Venezuelan-Colombian crossing was blocked to avoid tons of aid from entering to the country — And