Video: Will Bitcoin Crash or Double in Price After the Halving? Miners Have Their Say

Will the price of bitcoin double or crash during the upcoming halving next year? And how will the mining industry adapt to their revenue stream being cut in half over night? See what professional miners from around the world have to say on the matter.

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Miners Talk Bitcoin Halving 2020

The team has recently talked with ten prominent people from the crypto mining industry about the upcoming halving at the World Digital Mining Summit 2019 in Frankfurt. Some think that it might cause miners’ revenues to crash, others think prices will quickly rise to compensate for the diminished rewards, all agree it will be a pivotal event for the industry.

The full list of mining experts interviewed in the video includes: Marco Streng, CEO of Genesis Mining; Thomas Heller, F2Pool Global Business Director; Sean M. Walsh, CEO & Chairman of the Board, Hyperblock Inc; Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry, Board Member Cyberian Mine; Carson Blake, CEO of SBI Crypto; Alexander Levin, CEO of; Eric P. Yingling, an independent miner; Nick Damico, CTO at BitPatagonia; Hugh Tian, Co-founder of Antpool; and Åsmund Myhre,