What’s up with the Post Launch Prep at Bitera?

Bitera’s recent launch of the Beta Version has attracted ample listing requests into our inbox. The entire team is elated with this post-launch response and we are eager than ever to answer all your queries. We are accepting multiple technologies at the moment, to ensure that the cryptocurrencies listed on Bitera exchange get a chance to capitalize over our large community base. Get discussed among cryptocurrency users favouring various technologies, as Bitera opens its doors to your currency. With a solid strategic and technological end, we are ready for new beginnings with premium crypto-currencies, experienced traders and diverse technologies.
Proof of Work, being the choice of the pioneer of crypto-coins – Bitcoin, we have thoroughly tested a system in place for POW integration. Next-up, we have the choice of one of the most accepted blockchain networks – Ethereum. Ensuring a 100% functional platform for ERC-20, EIP-20 and Ethereum Fork, we welcome the enterprises who’ve ventured in its reliability. For those who believe in the power of people, we have a truly democratic Proof of Stake technology integration and last but not the least we welcome Multichain-based tokens, which prioritize user-permissions as well as privacy to ensure authentic trading and transactions.