Why Bitcoin Maximalists Ignore the Value Proposition of BCH

Some crypto companies keep wilfully ignoring BCH. Let’s compare the coins and see if BCH haters rail against Bitcoin Cash on purpose or simply due to a lack of understanding.

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Bitcoin Scaling and the Block Size Debate

When BTC surged above $10,000 recently, it coincided with the mempool filling up with tens of thousands of stuck transactions. It was just like the end of 2017, when average transaction fees soared to $50. Back then, some Bitcoin Core adherents proposed a theory that Bitcoin.com:s owner Roger Ver and his hired people were bloating the mempool with fake transactions, but failed to show any proof. The network was indeed under attack by anonymous parties who had initiated a dusting attack, but the main reason behind mempool bloat was soaring user adoption.

The Bitcoin Core developers circle, accepted as the highest authority in the space, claimed that ‘big blockers’ were responsible. Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the most impartial and respected figures in the space, took a different line however in 2017, disputing the ‘official’ agenda. He nailed it with his assertion that BTC had hit its user acceptance