Why Bitcoiners Are Turning to Unschooling for Decentralized Education

Unschooling is an alternative education movement quickly gaining popularity and currency worldwide. Like Bitcoin, it is an individualist approach to an area of human action long thought to be established beyond question―education. Both cryptoeconomics and unschooling seek to provide autonomy to individuals, providing a return to logical, natural systems that value human life.

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What Is Unschooling?

Unschooling is a buzzword popping up in random conversations, hashtagged heavily on social media, and a source of bewilderment for those who may know what ‘homeschooling’ is, but have never heard of this sister term. Unschooling. Unlearning. These sound on the surface like steps backward from the goals of centralized, compulsory education. And they are.

The oft-misunderstood term was coined by late U.S. school teacher-turned-unschooling advocate John Holt. In 1964 Holt wrote How Children Fail, whose outlined methodologies and observations would ultimately cost him his job―and bring him to the forefront of the unschooling movement. Holt’s legacy can be summed up in part by his brief observation:

“Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.”

Unschooling Meets Crypto-Anarchy

At the time of writing, the Homeschooling Global